Suicide Note Left By Nurse Fooled By Hoax


According to the family of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse involved in the release of information on the Duchess to two disc jockeys, she left a suicide note.  The content of the note has not been revealed.  The radio station that employs the DJs who were involved in the hoax has announced that it will donate all the advertising profits for the remainder of the year to charity.  A minimum donation of five-hundred thousand dollars will be made to a fund that will directly benefit her family.  Radio station executives at 2DayFM, again apologized and expressed condolences to the Saldanha family.  The two radio hosts who pulled the prank, Mel Greig and Michael Christian called the hospital and pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.   They were able to obtain confidential information after Saldanha put them through to the ward with the Duchess was being treated for severe morning sickness.  While Saldanha’s suicide is indeed tragic, killing herself was a bit of an over reaction.  Yes, many Brits take the Royal family very seriously but one must be able to separate the fallout of an innocent error from the reality of ending ones life.  It’s just completely senseless.  Results of the autopsy on the forty-six year old nurse are expected to be made public today.

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