North Korea Launches Satellite Resulting In International Condemnation

N Korean Rocket

Following the launch of a satellite, the North Korean government has been almost universally condemned.  North Korea had said the launch might be delayed due to weather or technical difficulties, so the launch at this time, came as somewhat of a surprise.  It’s believed that Kim Jung Un was “under pressure” to successfully launch the satellite according to a government source who spoke to NBC News on the condition of anonymity.  The United Nations Security Council called it a “clear violation” of UN sanctions.  UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon said through a spokes person that he “deplores” the launch.  While the initial stages of the launch appeared to be successful, as tracked by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, it appears whatever it is the North Koreans launched in to space, is tumbling out of control.  They launched the rocket despite strong objections from China, North Korea’s only real ally.  The North Koreans are banned from conducting nuclear and missile tests under restrictions imposed following nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009.  Even Russia issued a statement condemning the launch, “The new rocket launch carried out by North Korea flaunts the opinion of the international community, including calls from the Russian side.”  The South Koreans and Japanese also expressed concerns over the launch  Osamu Fujimura Japan’s chief cabinet secretary said, “The Japanese government regards this launch as an act compromising the peace and stability of the region, including Japan.”  What’s disturbing about the launch, other than the obvious, is that people in the north lack basic essentials.  Daily life is a struggle.  It seems the government would be better off using the money it just burned up, to help its citizenry.  But of course that’s one of the many flaws of an autocracy.  The other very disturbing issue is the ineffectiveness of the UN once again.  The entire world has condemned the launch and yet no action will be taken.  What’s the point of sanctions and condemnation if they aren’t enforceable?

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