Sensationalist Journalism Is An Ugly Scar On the Mainstream Media

Once again, the media has turned a horrific tragedy into a melodrama.  It’s not enough to simply think about all those young lives lost in Newtown, Connecticut.  We must see the photos of people crying and men gazing towards the heavens. That’s not journalism, it’s sensationalism.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, goes beyond anything Hollywood could place on the silver screen.  It doesn’t need to be embellished.  Add to that the release of all of the victims names and the fact the children were shot multiple times and once again the mainstream media has crossed the line.  Other than stirring human emotions, there is no purpose in reporting a story in this fashion.  Human suffering is not a story.  It’s not how all the victims should be memorialized.  On the other side of this tragedy is the perpetrator, Adam Lanza, who was a deranged and sick individual.  There are reports he had autism and that he just snapped, both unconfirmed at this time.  But there is no reason for anyone to examine the background or the lives of the murderer and his mother, other than police and investigators.  Connecticut State Police Lieutenant, Paul Vance, said eventually, all of the answers we discover will be released to the public.  But other than morbid curiosity, there’s no benefit to any citizen which would require us to understand the reason he committed such a heinous act.  One need not hold a PhD in psychology to understand that.  Normal people don’t march in to a school and kill innocent women and children unless they’re crazy.  The only thing that now matters, is mourning and healing along with figuring out how to stop those anti-social individuals form committing such acts.  In the meantime, the Media must stop the coverage of these individuals.  We must never again mention that murderer’s name.  We must not make him famous.  Individuals who are watching this unfold must understand that they will not become famous and iconic if they commit such acts.  The Mainstream media must be more responsible and  do a better job policing itself.  After Hurricane Sandy, despite the fact I had access to horrific scenes of misery, I did not take one single photo of those suffering and in pain.  Debris, destruction, that’s very different, as people needed to understand the extent and power of the storm.  Reporting the story and discussing how to repair the damage and improve the infrastructure, that’s the story.  What’s essential is preparing for the next storm so we don’t experience a replay of Sandy.  The human suffering did absolutely nothing to further the journalistic integrity of what was already a tragic story.

One thought on “Sensationalist Journalism Is An Ugly Scar On the Mainstream Media

  1. Hi Curtis, I really like one of the last sentence that you wrote quote What’s essential is preparing for the next storm so we don’t experience a replay of Sandy Unquote. Now, many people are going to list the number of times that mass shooting occurred, people will go into name calling, etc. Many people will mistake intentionally or not Gun Control with Gun Ban. What it takes is a global strategy that includes a bit of how to prevent as much as possible those horrible events. This will not happen with a law that is pass, but with a willingness to address changes that must done. What it means in the end is that as a society, the U.S.A. must decide if all is fine or is there room for improvement. Which brings me back to your comment quote What’s essential is preparing for the next storm so we don’t experience a replay of Sandy. unquote. Are you getting ready for the storm or are you going to let it happen with the same consequences again?

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