Occupy LA Sues City, Mayor And Police Chief

Occupy LA

According to NBC News, five members of the Occupy LA movement have filed a class action lawsuit “representing 292 people detained by officers in the raid” of City Hall Park.  The occupy LA demonstrators are suing the city and county of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck for what is being referred to as a “Shock and Awe” police sweep of City Hall Park by 1400 police officers.  Court documents claim protesters were denied food and water and access to restrooms causing them to urinate and defecate on themselves.  One of the plaintiffs in the suit is a videographer not associated with the Occupy movement.  Another plaintiff works for the left-wing radio station KPFK who was detained when he decided to stay with the protesters during the arrests, according to court records.  One woman claimed an officer pinched her nipple and inner thigh in order to subdue her.  Attorney Carol Sobel wrote in the lawsuit that, “the only weapon plaintiffs had in this instance was the First Amendment.”  The only detail left out, is that protesters were ordered out of the park due to unsanitary conditions.  Police officers had the legal right and obligation to remove protesters from the park.  The overwhelming show of force was necessary in order to avoid a serious confrontation.  What protesters fail to recognize is they don’t have the right to break the law.  This is a frivolous lawsuit that would never have needed to be filed, if protesters had obeyed the law.  Rewarding them is absolutely the incorrect message to send.

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