German Magazine Mistakenly Runs Obituary Of George H W Bush

Der Spiegel

German Magazine Der Spiegel has mistakenly run the incomplete obituary of former President George Herbert Walker Bush.  Bush has been in the hospital since November 22, most recently in the intensive care unit.  His fever was not responding to treatment and was in guarded condition.  However, he has now been released from the ICU and is doing much better.  When a Bush family spokesperson announced his release, someone from Der Spiegel thought it meant he had been sent to the morgue.  Obviously Der Spiegel has not been paying close attention to the news and printed the story prematurely.  Most magazines write stories and obituaries in advance, so when the event takes place, they can go directly to print.  Today with the internet, timeliness is even more crucial.  The obituary was not only incomplete but unflattering of the elder President Bush.  In the obit it described him as a “colorless politician” whose image only improved once people got the chance to compare him to his son.” Der Spiegel apologized for the “technical mistake,” but not for the content.

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