Piers Morgan Attempts to Sway Opinions By Bringing Extremist Radio Talk Show Host On To Show


Piers Morgan brought radio talk show host Alex Jones on his show and what ensued was nothing less than sensationalist television.  Other than to drum up controversy and ratings, what was the point?  As a gun advocate Jones is entitled to his opinion and Piers is entitled to his.  The problem with this issue is there really is very little room for negotiation.  There is some, but not much.  It’s no different than the issues of abortion, gay marriage, or the legalization of marijuana.  People have very strong opinions and while discussion is always positive, it generally deteriorates in to a heated debate.  So Piers invites Jones on to his show, and the expected occurs; the interview deteriorates in to a shouting match.  Jones backed a petition on the White House website that said Piers should be deported, “for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”  That of course is an extreme position and the only incorrect way to deal with someone who disagrees with you.  We live in a Democracy and we can’t deport every person who doesn’t share our opinion.  It’s a position of ignorance and intolerance; neither is acceptable.  But people can agree to disagree and it should be left at that.  At one point Piers says to Jones,”You’re a very loud man. You make a loud noise.”  Of course he is and Piers knew that when he invited on his show.  Why state the obvious?    Piers should not attempt to convince or sway those that disagree with him because he will be fruitless in his efforts.  Gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment and this Congress is not about to change that.  Of course that doesn’t mean that we, as a country, shouldn’t do a better job of ensuring mentally unstable individuals aren’t permitted to obtain guns.  But we must also protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to purchase rifles or sidearms as protected by the US Constitution.  Now in no way do I believe a man like Jones should be representing gun owners or the NRA, because he looks and sounds like the person people fear when they think of gun owners.  In fact, Piers brought him on the show for that very reason; to connect a man who seems like a crazy, unstable, individual, with the entire gun owning public, and to that end, he succeeded.

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