Student Who Felt Bullied Shoots Classmate

Taft HS

According to the local Sheriff, the reason a sixteen year old boy shot one classmate and attempted to shoot another, was the result of being bullied.  Kern Country Sheriff, Donny Youngblood said at an evening news conference that he believed the student thought he was bullied but he was still unsure as to whether bullying had actually occurred.  Apparently, the assailant was planning this for a year.  In well thought out detail, the assailant, concealed the weapon, went in a side door, found the student he was looking for, and fired.  The second shot, very luckily and miraculously, missed everyone.  He said the student would be charged as a juvenile, with attempted murder.  It’s up to the District Attorney to decide if he should be tried as an adult, the Sheriff said.   This incident was brought to an end, after teacher Ryan Heber and campus supervisor, Kim Lee Fields spoke to the student while he was still in possession of the weapon.  Sheriff Youngblood credited them for their bravery and bringing this incident to a quick resolution.  In addition to the student who was shot, two other students, both females, suffered injuries.  One was hurt by the sound of the shotgun being fired, the other was injured in the ensuing confusion and attempt to flee from the gunman.  According to Youngblood, the student’s pockets were “filled” with ammunition.  Yet another tragic, school shooting with one important difference, a specific target or targets as opposed to indiscriminate killing.  What’s so difficult to understand about stories like this or Columbine, for that matter, is that if these teenagers are crazy enough, and have enough guts to bring a shotgun to school, it they are so rageful, why not immediately go crazy at the time of the bullying?  Hit the bully with a chair or other heavy object.  I’m certainly not condoning it but most people could understand it, if the facts supported his response.  Someone who is pushed over the edge generally lashes out immediately, “snaps”, yet these kids plan out the killings.  It takes sane, logical thought to bring a weapon to school, go in a side door, conceal the weapon, find the student, and shoot.  He may have been become enraged because of a pattern of bullying but he is completely sane and should therefore be tried as an adult.

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