As Expected A Great Inauguration Speech But Results Will Define Obama’s Presidency


At the second inauguration of President Obama we will see all of the pomp and circumstance expected of an inauguration, including a great speech.  President Obama is one of the greatest Presidential orators, joining JFK, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.  He will unquestionably deliver an impassioned, prideful, emotional speech referring to all of the great things about this Republic.  But when the inauguration celebrations conclude, it will be back to work. The issues of today will still be there tomorrow.  Unemployment is still far too high, immigration reform needs to be addressed, there are still many unanswered issues regarding the Affordable Care Act and we are more divided in this country than at any time since the Civil War.  Part of it has to do with change, part of it has to do with fundamental differences in how the country should be governed, and part of it has to do with the fact the President is black.  Anyone who attempts to refute that, is naive.  The success of his second term will ultimately be determined by his ability to bridge our differences.  Afterall, the longevity of this Republic has rested in its ability to find what unites us, rather than what divides us; the Civil War being the exception of course.  With all of his great communication skills, he has still yet to convince almost half the citizenry of the validity of what he is trying to accomplish.  He must find a balance between pushing his agenda and convincing the country he is on the correct course.  Almost half the country believes the earth is square and yet he continues to sail towards the edge.  He must figure out how to demonstrate in action, that the earth is indeed round and lead us to the new world.  That’s what great leaders do, whether it be in business or on the athletic field.  It will be difficult because there are a number of people who will never accept him no matter what he accomplishes.  But then there are those who are on the fence and he has a chance to change their opinions of him.  Let me be clear, the President’s job is not to placate everyone but to win them over by positive change.  That has yet to happen for the majority of Americans despite his re-election.  If the President’s agenda bears fruit, his second term will define him as a successful leader, if not, history will provide that determination.

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