Casey Anthony Files For Bankruptcy Protection In Florida

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee, has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection in Tampa, Florida.  According to the filing, Anthony has liabilities totaling $792,000 and assets totaling $1,100.  Specifically, her debts include $500,000 for lawyers fees,  $145,660, for the Orange County Sheriff’s office, $68,540 for the Internal Revenue Service for taxes, interest and penalties and $61,505 for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for court costs.  In addition, the filing states she is the defendant in several civil lawsuits.  The filing coincided with a judge throwing out two of the four remaining convictions she faced for lying to detectives regarding the whereabouts of her daughter Caylee.  Since being released from prison, she has been living life in seclusion.  While Casey Anthony literally got away with murder, nothing will save her from a life as a pariah.  Regardless of what one believes, the fact remains that she was out partying when either she didn’t know where Caylee was or knew she was dead.  Either way, it makes her a monster and no punishment could be severe enough.  Bankruptcy, and the fact that she will never live a normal life no matter how much time passes, is justice.

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