Texas Women Sue X-Rated Revenge Site


Women’s nude and semi-nude photos have been posted on what is described as a revenge website.  Photos taken by disgruntled boyfriends are being posted as payback after the couples break up.  According to CBS DFW, Holie Toups was one of the women who’s semi-nude photo was posted on the site.  Toups, a teacher’s aide in Beaumont, Texas, says she “stopped breathing for a while” when she found the photos.  Now she’s being recognized as an amateur porn star.  “I was at a store one day and somebody was like you’re the girl from that website.”  Toups and twenty-five other women are suing the website and the owner, who has a fictitious address.  The lawyer for the plaintiffs, John S Morgan said he “is very confident he will find the person.  It really touched my heart the amount of emotional devastation every one of these women have suffered.”  What this case will come down to, is whether or not the website is a bulletin board  which would mean the webmasters have no control over the content.  But the real issue in this case is that people must start considering the possible consequences of their actions.  If you don’t want nude photos to be posted on the web, don’t take nude photos. If you’re not too embarrassed to pose for the photos, you shouldn’t be embarrassed if they find their way to the web.  There should be no assumption of privacy.  In addition, you better know who you’re dealing with i.e. boyfriends, before taking photos.  Once you pose for photos, they are property of the photographer.  This case raises another important point; be careful about what you’re posting on the web whether on Facebook or a blog.  Human Resource Departments in most companies are now doing internet searches.  A good rule of thumb is, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want you mother to see.  Any and all information can be used against you.

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