UK Olympic Hopeful Chloe Waddell Dies At 16


British Olympic swimming hopeful Chloe Waddell died in her home after suffering cardiac arrest.  There was an unconfirmed report that while at a party the previous night she fell and hit her head.  If confirmed it would need to be confirmed whether or not that could have caused her to expire.  Apparently she did say that she felt ill after she left the party.   Her death is not considered suspicious. Following the news, condolences came pouring in.  Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington, who competed against her in the last Great Britain Olympic trials said, “I was so shocked when I found out what happened, it was so sad.  My thoughts are with her friends and family.  On twitter, another UK swimmer, Brad Lynch said, “RIP Chloe Waddell, amazing swimmer, thoughts are with friends and family, heartbreaking to lose someone at 16.”  Chloe Wadell was the top British swimming prospect and undoubtedly would have won gold in at least the next two Olympic games if not three.  At sixteen, she was an unusual talent and her death is nothing short of tragic.  The cause off her death must now be determined.

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