The Rape And Murder Of Young South African Girl Just One More Example Of Third World Hatred Of Women


There are those that would dispute my claim, referring to South Africa as a third world Nation.  But that would mean I have to agree to the accepted definition of the “third world”, which I clearly don’t.  Countries where women are treated as second class citizens can not be part of the first world.  In fact, any group, in any country, that is the target of discrimination demonstrates that it can not be a first world member of civilized nations.  Clearly India and Pakistan are third world countries despite their nuclear capabilities.  What’s so tragic for the people of  South Africa, is almost twenty years after the end of Apartheid, and Nelson Mandela’s election as President, South Africa is far more dangerous and less free, particularly for women.  Controversial, perhaps, but what good is freedom if it isn’t practiced equally for everyone?  The fact is, every four minutes, a woman is raped in South Africa.  A provincial official referred to the violence against females as “systemic.” Seventy-one percent of women report having been victims of sexual abuse, the government notes. The 17-year-old girl, Anene Booyson, who was gang raped and then mutilated to death in Bredasdorp, a tiny, rural town about two hours southeast of Cape Town, is just another example of the outright brutality and hatred of women in many regions of the world.  A friend born there and who recently visited, told me he has no desire to ever return because conditions have deteriorated so rapidly.  It’s time for the civilized world to come to the defense of women in countries like South Africa, India, and most Arab countries where women are considered less than men.  It’s time for the world to speak up and tell the truth; their horrible cultures allow and encourage this brutality and it needs to be said.  Political correctness has no place when its sole purpose is to not offend.  These men and their antiquated, outdated cultures need to be abolished.  How the United States of America continues to deal with a country like Saudi Arabia, for example, even under President Obama’s regime, is disgraceful.  The largest Democracy in the world has no business being friends with a country that doesn’t allow its women to go outside unescorted or to drive a car.  Oil be damned.  Wrong is wrong and right must be Always be defended.  At last there appears to be some outrage but only time will tell if it evolves in to something greater or simply fizzles out.  Week after week, month after month, I have been writing about these terrible acts of violence around the world.  It’s time to end them once and for all.  In the case of Anene Booyson, not only was she brutally raped, she was cut with a knife from her stomach down to her genitals.  Anene lived just long enough from her wounds to give a description of one of her attackers.  He, along with two others have been arrested and charged.  If this case doesn’t arouse anger and force civilized human beings to take action, I don’t know what will.

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