Three Dead in Delaware Courthouse Shooting

New Castle County Courthouse

Three people have been killed in a courthouse shooting in Wilmington, Delaware.  It’s being reported that one of the victims is the estranged wife of the shooter, described as a white male between the ages of fifty and sixty. Two Capitol police officers were also shot but their injuries are not considered life threatening due to their bullet proof vests.  In the incident, a man entered the courthouse at approximately 8:00AM and began shooting.  He did so prior to passing through the metal detector.  Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams told reporters that police killed the shooter, although that has yet to be confirmed.  Following the shooting, dozens of emergency vehicles were on scene, surrounding the courthouse.  According to State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack, The courthouse was evacuated and police did a floor-by-floor search of the 12-story building to make sure there was only the single gunman and there were no more threats.”  As of 12:40 PM east coast time, the courthouse was still locked down.  This incident raises an important question; if a courthouse isn’t secure, what chance does a grade school have against a madman with a gun?  The fact is, in a free society, it is impossible to protect citizens against every unstable individual with evil intent, who decides to pick up a firearm and use it against innocents.  In all likelihood, the shooter used a handgun.  If so, we must know whether it was licensed.  If it was, he slipped through the cracks.  Or, perhaps, he was a licensed gun owner who just snapped and there is nothing anyone could have done to prevent it.  Whatever happened, when crimes of passion occur, and this appears to be just that, it is very difficult to protect the victim.  Afterall, the intended target was in the very place, the very building, where she may have gone to ask for help, for protection, from then very man who ending up terminating her life.

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