Another In A Series Of Carnival Cruise Ship Mishaps


Another Carnival Cruise Line ship has been involved in an incident at sea.  This one, just the latest in a series of incidents in the last few years, culminating in last year’s wreck of the Costa Concordia that resulted the loss of  thirty-two people. In 2010 the Carnival Cruise Ship Ecstasy, suffered a gash in its hull after hitting a gangway and dock in St Kits.  In that incident according to the Cruise line, there was some “minor damage to some glass balcony railings on the Carnival Ecstasy, which has since been repaired”.  Then there was the Carnival Splendor fire, also in 2010, which created deplorable conditions on board and which Carnival Cruise Lines referred to as its worst disaster prior to the wreck of the Costa Concordia of course.  This latest mishap involves the Carnival Triumph.  The Triumph is carrying over 4,200 passengers and crew and is drifting in the Gulf of Mexico, although the Coast Guard is on scene and no one is in any danger.  According to Carnival Cruise Lines, “The Carnival Triumph was about 150 miles off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, heading back Sunday morning to Galveston, Texas — where it had departed Thursday on a four-day trip — when a fire broke out in an engine room.”  When that happened the automatic sprinkler system extinguished the fire, leaving the ship in no real danger except for the lack of power.  The ship was in deep water, and there were no other obstacles in her way.  The first of two tug boats has arrived at the ship and will tow it to Mobile, Alabama.  Conditions on board the ship in the meantime are apparently worsening.  There are only a limited number of functioning heads and people are being asked to urinate in showers and defecate in to bags.  Lines for food exceed three hours and sewage is running down the walls of the ship.  All of the passengers on board will have their money refunded and discounts will be given for future cruises, but nothing can rectify such a horrible experience.  It’s completely unacceptable that in 2013 a fire in the engine room can disable a modern cruise ship.  Modern ships need to be designed with two separate engine rooms perhaps or other contingency plans needs to exist if something like this occurs.  This is more like a story from the 1920s.  Carnival also needs to reassess what it’s doing because it’s safety record in the last few years has been deplorable. There’s obviously something wrong and Carnival Executives need to answer for it.

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