Parents Sued In Texas For Attempting To Coerce 16 Year Old Daughter To Have An Abortion


Parents of a pregnant teen have been sued for attempting to coerce their daughter to undergo an abortion, a charge the parents deny.  Evan Madison, the sixteen year old boyfriend and father(sperm donor), of the child, went on Piers Morgan to state that, “we were always determined to have the baby”.  Of course he isn’t old enough or wise enough, to explain to anyone how he plans to support the baby.  This ignorant kid, like every teenager, knows how to make the baby, he just doesn’t know how to take care of the baby.  And that’s really the important part.  The parents are saying that they never coerced their daughter to have an abortion, and agreed in court not to do so.  We just achieved an agreed order,” Stephen Casey, a lawyer and founder of The Texas Center for Defense of Life, told CNN in a telephone interview Monday afternoon.  Stephen Casey should put his religious convictions where his mouth is and offer to support the baby, all the way through college.  Then I’ll believe in his motivation.  Madison said he and the girl plan to get married as if that’s supposed to make anyone feel better.  The lawyers were first contacted by the boy’s mother who told them that both parents, who are divorced, were threatening the kids.  The lawsuit alleges that the mother said, she could “continue to live in misery” in their home or she could “have the abortion and tell everyone it was a miscarriage.”  Any loving parent could certainly understand where this mother is coming from.  No parent wants to see their child’s life ruined by not being able to go to school and to be stuck with a baby before their child has experienced life.  A baby is a tremendous burden and one that a sixteen year old is not ready to take on.  From the sound of it however, it seems like the boy’s mother will be more than happy to house the children and their baby.  But let’s make one thing perfectly clear, the birth of a baby into this situation is nothing but a sadness.  Sadness for the girl who is too young to know what she’s in for, and sadness for the baby who deserves better than a sixteen year old uneducated, unprepared mother.  Abortion is not about protecting the life of a baby, it’s about protecting the right of a potential baby from having to be born to someone who isn’t prepared to take care of it.  When my first son was born, my father, who delivered over 3000 babies, stood and looked at my son in the nursery and said to me, “Every baby’s life is being determined right here and now.  It simply depends on which parents they’re going home with.”  He was absolutely correct.

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