Ronda Rousey Wins First Ever Female UFC Fight


Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche in the first ever UFC female fight at the Honda Center in Los Angeles.  The official stoppage was 4:49 of the first round. Rousey ended the fight in the same fashion she has in her six previous professional fights; by armbar.  The proper term is Juji Gatame; giving proper respect to the Japanese who invented that armbar.  Carmouche did far better than expected, almost ending the bout with what Americans and Brazilians refer to as a rear naked choke.  The correct Japanese term is Hadaka Jime.  The correct translation is naked arm strangle.  So we eliminate the ignorance surrounding UFC and all MMA fighting, no one chokes anyone in fighting.  Choking is what happens when a person swallows food and it enters the wind pipe as opposed to the food pipe, causing a person to “choke” as the body attempts to clear the airway.  In a fight, you “strangle” a person.  There are two ways to accomplish this; 1) by collapsing the windpipe (brut force) and 2) by cutting off the blood supply to the brain.  No woman has perfected Juji Gatame as well as Rousey and that comes from her mother, who was a Judo Champion.  My style came from my mom and my early coaching,” Rousey said.  “My mom was really innovative  in the judo world. She was the first woman to really spend any time on strength and conditioning.  And the first to spend a lot of time on the  ground.”  Rousey is more skilled and stronger than all of the women she will face, which makes it difficult to find her a competitive opponent.  Two-time Olympic medalist and former Rousey training partner Jimmy Pedro  Jr. told Bleacher Report. “I don’t think, physically, any girl can  match her. And technically, when you look at the universe of women and  the sports they might come from and how Ronda matches up with them, I  don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to beat her for a very long  time.”  To watch her fight anyone who has ever trained in the martial arts would have to agree.  But the Martial Arts are much more than simply fighting.  They stand for something; honor, respect, dignity, loyalty, compassion.  Very often these fights and fighters stand for none of these qualities.  Rousey, probably due to her mother’s influence and knowledge of Judo, understands the arts better than most.  One final note: Rousey is technically a very solid fighter, she should no longer have to take off her clothes in order to gain notoriety.  Is there any other clearer example of sexism than that?

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