Carl Pistorius Brother Of Oscar Also Facing Homicide Charge

Carl Pistorius

Last week was not a good one for the Pistorius family.  First, Oscar is arrested and charged with pre-meditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, then his brother Carl is arrested and charged with a Homicide in connection with a 2008 road death.  According to local media reports, Carl Pistorius was allegedly involved in a vehicular crash with a female motorcyclist and was supposed to be in court last Thursday, as brother Oscar was facing a bail hearing.  Carl Pistorius’ attorney Kenny Oldwage said in a statement, “Carl deeply regrets the accident, but blood tests conducted by the police at the time proved that he had not been under the influence of alcohol, confirming that it was a tragic road accident after the deceased collided with Carl’s car.”  Carl Pistorius was originally charged with homicide but the charges were dropped, only to be reinstated.  All that is known at this time, is he did have a car accident with a female motorcyclist which resulted in her death.  However, having originally been charged with homicide, one would have to assume either, a) he was under the influence or b) driving recklessly, thereby causing the woman’s death.  It’s strangely coincidental that his court date coincided with his brother’s.  Carl and Oscar are very close despite the fact he was not there when their uncle first responded to Oscar’s arrest.  Oscar Pistorius was released on $113,000 bail which says something about the Australian justice system.  In the US, a person charged would pre-meditated murder and with Pistorius’ resources, is either remanded or would face much higher bail.  Oscar claims he shot and killed Steenkamp because he believed her to be an intruder.  He will certainly have his day in court to prove his case.  Pistorius is reportedly staying with his aunt and uncle in their large three-story house with a swimming pool and views of Pretoria, as he awaits his trial.   He has expressed his desire to return to training.

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