Craigslist Murderer’s Mom Pleads For His Life


The mother of convicted murderer Richard Beasley, who lured four men, (three who he murdered and one who he injured) by promises of farm hands jobs on Craigslist, pleaded for his life to the jurors charged with recommending his fate.  Beasley’s co-defendant, Brogan Rafferty, then 16 years old and too young to face the death penalty, was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole on his conviction last year.  In her plea, Carol Beasley told the jury that her first husband, “neglected Richard and her”.  Her second husband “broke dishes and a window while drinking and whipped Richard as a toddler.”  She continued, “Richard was very mistreated by him.”  She also described of learning just last year of sexual abuse by neighborhood youngsters when he was a boy.  The psychologist for the defense, John Fabian testified that Richard Beasley suffers from depression, alcohol abuse, low self-esteem and a feeling of isolation, all possible results of a troubled, abusive childhood.  While no one can question that Beasley had a troubled childhood thanks to his mother, depression and low self-esteem are not excuses for pre-meditated murder.  There is no clearer case than this for his receiving the ultimate punishment. His existence, unless one is a religious fanatic, serves no useful purpose.  Keeping him alive and allowing him to experience eating, breathing and sexual pleasure is far more than he deserves.  Now for his lunatic mother.  Only a crazy person gets involved with two crazy husbands.  She was obviously abused as a child which is why she went on to find abusers.  But that’s no excuse for not protecting her children.  She too should face a penalty because her negligence caused her son to take the lives of three innocent men.  We must never forget than anti-social behavior is learned not inbred.  Babies in the nursery start the game of life at the same line with essentially similar potential and then it’s a matter of chance who takes you home from the hospital.  Hopefully it’s not Mrs. Beasley.

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