Everything That’s Wrong With Reality TV – Snooki!!


If there is a person less talented or less appealing than Snooki, I would like to know who that is.  Without having ever seen her mother, she looks exactly like her, in twenty-five years.  I would also like to know who is watching and supporting her because they must be brain-dead.  Although I have never watched her show, I did run in to it the other night and was repulsed when the subject on the screen was whether to drink Snooki’s, aka “Nicole Polizzi’s” breast milk.  Years ago when I was in school, a Professor said to me it’s not enough to simply shoot down an argument, you must first understand the subject matter and then shoot it down if you still feel the same way based on the evidence.  So I watched for five minutes, until I could no longer stand the torture.  Never mind water boarding, Snooki should be the secret weapon of this country.  Unleash her on the all the bad guys.  So her friend, someone named JWoww was on the show with her, along with their fiances.  The fiance of JWoww drank Snooki’s breast milk but Snooki’s fiance refused.  With that JWoww declared, “You just allowed another man to drink your woman’s breast milk before you?”  At that point I cried uncle and changed the channel.  The show just brings to mind words like vapid, vacuous and inane but that defines much of reality TV.  The only one I feel sorry for is the child that will be brought up by such stupid parents, despite the fact they have money.  They are fortunate; lucky there are enough people like them, who would watch such dribble.  Regular viewers would probably say it’s an escape or it’s funny and to that I would answer, read a good book or watch Discovery Channel.  No one need look any further than shows like this to explain the poor state of our educational system.  Teachers obviously don’t have much to work with.  It’s not possible to watch entire episode and have an IQ greater than 70.  To the network, this is a show about Nothing but it’s not Seinfeld. Hopefully the country and the network will eventually come to their senses and ensure that Snooki and J Woww sail off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again.

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