NRA Members Are Not The Bad Guys


While much has been written lately in the liberal media about the “Evil” NRA, nothing could be further from the truth.  NRA members, of which I am a proud card-carrying member, are law-abiding gun owners from every walk of life.  They reside in every corner of the country but all have the same goal in mind, firearm safety and the right to own those firearms without government intervention.  The media loves to put an evil face to the NRA; to demonize it.   They often show cowboys or men that appear to be on the fringe of society.  If you show NRA members from Texas, you are likely to see cowboys  and people who look like they belong in the lawless west of the late nineteenth century.  However, if you enter the firing range in New York City, you will find law enforcement officials, along with attorneys, doctors, and men with MBA’s.  Bill Maher, who owns firearms “for his protection”, is the biggest hypocrite of all.  He doesn’t like them but he needs them.  Most people own firearms to either protect themselves or to hunt.  Shooting up movie theaters and schools is not part of the agenda.  That’s for non-law abiding, mentally unstable, non NRA members.  Besides ensuring the government doesn’t curtail our right to bare arms, the NRA teaches firearm safety; how to shoot, how to properly store weapons, and the laws of your state.  The NRA is much more than just a powerful lobby, as it’s portrayed.  And finally, the reason the NRA is so staunchly opposed to any kind of restrictions is because when the government begins to control anything, it knows no bounds.  For example, take the issue of abortion.  The states that are opposed to it have been chipping away at it little by little.  Most recently, North Dakota passed a law stating that abortion is illegal as soon as there is a heartbeat.  Clearly that’s not what was ruled in Roe vs Wade.  If the NRA allows a chipping away of gun owner rights, it will not end until the government has the right to forbid us from owning any firearms or curtailing or eliminating the sale of ammunition, thereby rendering the firearms useless.  There will be no meeting of the minds on this issue.  And therefore, there can be no compromise.  People; friends, families and communities, need to become involved.  There are always signs when great evil lurks.  People choose to ignore them or simply don’t want to become involved.  Stopping bad, unstable individuals, before they commit crimes, is the only answer to ending indiscriminate violence of any kind.

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