France Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage Protest in France

Despite a last-ditch effort and rally to sway French lawmakers, same-sex marriage and the right to adopt, will become French law.  Estimates on the size of the rally range from 45,000 to 270,000 depending on whether you believe protesters or law enforcement.  President Francois Hollande, a staunch supporter of same-sex marriage, (he campaigned in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage), will sign the bill in to law.  Hollande desperately needs some positive press as his popularity is near an all time low, with unemployment in France at or just above 10%.  Support for same-sex marriage according to polls, remains at 55%-60% but polls on the right to adopt is about 50%.  Protests have been organized largely by the Catholic Church and conservatives, who argue that traditional marriage is the foundation of a stable and civilized society.  According to Reuters, one of the protest organizers, Alberic Dumont, who was standing under a sign that read, “All born of a mum and dad” said, “We warned the president back in November that we would not give up and that we would do everything to stop this law being passed, or to get it repealed if it is adopted.”  However, given public support for the measure, despite well-organized protests, the law will not be overturned.  France becomes the twelfth country to legalize same-sex marriage joining liberal countries like Norway, Sweden and Canada and conservative countries like Spain and Portugal.  In the USA, nine States and the District of Columbia now recognize gay marriage.  The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8 in California are now being decided by the United States Supreme Court, possibly setting the stage for nationally recognized same-sex marriage.  To opponents, it would be prudent to figure out how to cope with the on-coming reality.  Just like southerners had to deal with integration, so too will same-sex marriage become the law of the land.  And what’s so disturbing, is that when the law does change, nothing will change for them.  Legalization will have absolutely no impact.  They won’t even know it happened.  That’s what’s so ridiculous about the anger and ire the topic raises.  Equality for all, whether women’s rights, religious freedom or the right to marry whom you choose, should be the goal of all decent and civilized human beings across the globe.

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