Mother of Boston Bomb Murderers Regrets Bringing Sons To US: Her US Citizenship Should Be Revoked


The mother of the two pieces of trash that killed and maimed innocent civilians on what was otherwise a beautiful day in Boston, has said she regrets bringing her sons to the US and may renounce her US citizenship.  What she fails to realize, is every citizen of the United States of American regrets, far more than she, her decision to bring her two murdering sons to this country.  Not only is this woman in denial, it’s not difficult to see in her eyes and through her words where they learned their anger and ability to kill.  This woman is clearly a danger and may be involved in the plot which we do not as yet know.  She speaks like a terrorist.  She supposedly came here ten years ago to escape oppression in her native land.  But then she went back.  She made up with her oppressors?  Maybe she’s a member of a terrorist cell and is the mastermind behind this heinous act which is why she came here.  Perhaps that is the true reason American investigators went to Russia to speak to her.  Fortunately, Russia has been very cooperative in this ongoing and still active investigation.  Anyone not enraged by her words is foolish.  Her sons, the garbage that she gave birth to and raised, carried out one of the most brutal and senseless acts of violence imaginable.  There are some who may say, she is so upset and overwhelmed that her sons could do such a thing, that she is in complete denial.  But that is not what’s happening here.  This woman is a radical and the filth she raised didn’t fall very far from the tree at all.  In fact, they were her protégés.  No one can be this radical and have truly understood what it meant to become an American citizen.  I therefore call on the United States Congress and President Obama to revoke her citizenship prior to her renouncing it. There are many legal justifications for doing so, such as serving in a foreign armed force.  It can be done and it should be done!!

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