Israel Does What USA Can’t Or Won’t


The tiny country of Israel, in defense of its survival, and at the same time defending US interests, has attacked Syrian positions.  According to unnamed sources, Israeli aircraft struck a shipment of missiles near the Lebanon border.  Israel is concerned that with the deteriorating conditions on the ground, more accurate missiles as well as chemical weapons will fall in to the hands of Hezbollah and or al-Qaeda.  In response, the Arab League condemned the Israeli action.  Of course those are just words.  Most of the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia and Jordan couldn’t be happier with the Israeli action as both countries see Hezbollah and Syria as a threat.  The Syrians have released a statement saying, “three military sites had been hit – a research centre at Jamraya, a paragliding airport in the al-Dimas area of Damascus and a site in Maysaloun”.  It continued, “The flagrant Israeli attack on armed forces sites in Syria underlines the co-ordination between ‘Israel’, terrorist groups and… the al-Nusra Front,” referring to al-Qaeda militants fighting with the rebels.  That’s completely ridiculous since al-Qaeda hates the Israeli’s even more than Syria.  The statement concluded, “This leaves no room for doubt Israel is the beneficiary, the mover and sometime the executor of the terrorist acts which Syria is witnessing and which target it as a state and people directly or through its tools inside.”  Blaming Israel of course is one of Syria’s best tools of propaganda for building support of it’s crumbling government, since there is no shortage of Israeli haters in Syria.  The best defense for a failing government is to find a scapegoat; a role Israel and Jews know to well.  Most deafening in this escalating situation in the Middle East is the lack of response from the USA.  It is possible that Israel and the US are in close contact and that Israel has agreed to carry out strikes in order to keep the US out of it, for as long as possible.  But it is as likely that President Obama is weighing his options, once again demonstrating his inability to make important decisions regarding foreign policy.  President Obama has publicly stated that Israel has a right to defend herself but has not assumed enough of the leadership role.  It’s simply astounding how unschooled and unpolished the President is when it comes to foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East.  He spoke of the so-called ‘Red Line” but when it came down to it, he left Israel to take the leadership role.  Avoiding conflict should always be first and foremost on the agenda, but the Syrians pose a real threat not only to Israel but to the US as well.  If chemical weapons fall in to the wrong hands and there is ever such an attack on our shores, this President must be held accountable.  It’s time to act, before it’s too late!

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