Blame It On Adam And Eve

AEI do not believe it would be unfair to say that women are the stability of any healthy society.  If women were leading countries, there would be no wars.  Men on the other hand are only as stable as their ability to control their sexual urges.  That’s right.  Look at all of the dumb men brought down by their libido; Mark Sanford, Jesse Jackson Sr, and Anthony Weiner, to name just a few.  Don’t get me wrong, every man and woman on earth has two sides; their rational side and their sexual side. But women, as the givers of life, naturally are more grounded.  The eleven year old girl who has her period, is already more responsible than some men will ever be in their lifetime.  It’s a burden from early on, signifying her ability to bring new life in to the world, despite the fact she is herself a child.  But men are far less complicated.  A happy, secure, well-adjusted man, is generally comfortable with his sexuality.  The craziest of them, Charles Manson for example, are not.  I would bet a fair amount of money that someone sexually abused Manson as a child and created a monster.  What’s so strange about sex, is in its purest form, it’s as normal and natural as going to the bathroom, eating and drinking.  It sustains us and allows us to continue on as a race.  However, religion from the earliest days, doomed the world to unhealthy and downright crazy opinions regarding sexuality.  The Priest who’s sworn to celibacy still experiences nocturnal emissions, because nature requires it.  The faithful may choose not to think about it but all of the sex scandals tell a different story.  But why did this happen? Why so many crazy ideas and crazy individuals regarding sexuality?  One need look no further than story of Adam and Eve, the beginning. These first two human beings strolled happily through the Garden of Eden; paradise, naked, eating and having as much sex as they wanted.  The only rule was don’t eat an apple from a particular tree.  Seems pretty simple.  On one side, naked, sex, food, perfection, and eternal life.  On the other side, an apple, (let’s forget about the snake).  So these two flawed individuals go with the apple and bang, no more nudity, sex is evil and dirty and Eve is the cause of all of women kind giving birth with great pain.  The fact that Adam recognizes his nakedness first, after eating the apple, dooms man to a life of unhealthy sexual feelings. In addition, God says to Eve, “your passion will be to your husband and he will dominate you”.  Well there are many crazies out there that take this story at face value.  After all, it says it in the book, chapter 1.  Unfortunately, these beliefs and values continue today, all over the world.  And all of it can be traced right back to paradise.

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