Is Rob Ford The Marion Barry Of Toronto?

Rob Ford

With all of the horrible and crazy politicians in this country, it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones that make horrible choices.  Perhaps it’s because our choices are so limited.  I was in Toronto when Rob Ford was elected Mayor.  At the time, all I kept thinking is why would the good people of Toronto choose such a strange candidate to represent their fine city.  Ford not only looks crazy, he sounds crazy.  Well perhaps we now know the reason why.  Let me be completely clear, until the charge of smoking crack is unequivocally proven, he must be presumed innocent.  But it would answer a great many questions.  According to the Toronto Star, in the video he is seen in a chair appearing out of it, while using a lighter under a pipe in a circular motion as he inhales deeply.  The video is not clear which would leave only the slightest doubt that it isn’t him.  A lawyer for Ford said the allegations are “false and defamatory”.  In a statement issued by attorney Dennis Morris he told the Toronto Sun, “We’re just trying to see whether or not such a video exists and whether or not any video has been doctored or altered.  I think unless one has expertise in crack cocaine smoking it is very difficult to gauge what a person is actually doing in an alleged video.”  This of course is absolutely ridiculous.  It’s sound like Morris is saying, “who are you going to believe, the mayor or your eyes” as if smoking crack could be mistaken for baking a cake.  The man in the video identified as the mayor can be heard referring to Justin Trudeau, the newly elected leader of Canada’s Liberal party, as a “fag” and refers to a young members of high school football team that he coaches as “just fucking minorities”.  This case mirrors, in some aspects, the disgraced mayor of Washington D.C. Marion Barry, who was caught smoking crack cocaine in a government sting operation.  However, in that case, Barry, even after being convicted and serving time, was re-elected mayor by the good folks of D.C.  If Ford is identified as the man in the video, Ford’s once promising career will be over.  It’s unlikely he will be given a second chance.  It would then need to be determined if any criminal charges should be filed.

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