Sixteen Year Old Boy Murders Seventeen Year Old Girlfriend


In an act of rage, a sixteen year old boy stabbed his seventeen year old girlfriend to death.  It happened along a suburban Philadelphia hiking trail.  According to Philadelphia State Police, “Julianne Siller, 17, was killed Saturday night by her 16-year-old boyfriend Tristan Stahley during a break-up.”  The attack happened in Palmer Park.  State police continued, “the couple was walking along a nearby trail when they got into an argument over Siller “going out too much.” Siller then smashed Stahley’s cell phone. Then Stahley allegedly pulled out an orange-colored folding knife and stabbed his girlfriend in the throat and body.”  After murdering her, Stahley headed home and eventually confessed to his mother after telling her he would only talk to her if the two went for a walk.  After confessing, he told his mother that he was going to kill himself because he could not go to jail.  It’s simply amazing how a wimpy kid  could commit brutal, pre-meditated murder, without thinking about the consequences.  There are those who will defend him and say a sixteen year old isn’t capable of thinking about the consequences of his actions but that’s crap.  It takes a particular type of human being to murder an innocent person in cold blood; passion or no passion. When he and his mother returned home, his mother alerted authorities.  His father, Brian Stahley, told authorities, after the  police were called, Tristan went outside and put a knife to his neck.  Father and son began to struggle as Brian attempted to wrestle the knife away from him, which he eventually did.  However, Brian suffered bites and scratches during the struggle.  Police arrived and arrested the teen.  Troopers discovered Siller’s body a short time later, in the woods.  Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele said, “This whole incident is just a tragic case. “You have a young woman whose life was taken from her and a 16-year-old who faces potential life in prison for his actions.”  I would not use the word tragic in this case as this was completely avoidable; it’s senseless.  When a cold-blooded murderer takes the life of an innocent young girl, it’s so much more than tragic.  Of course this sixteen year old deserves a death sentence but that won’t happen.  His inability to think of another boy having sex with his property is what drove him to murder.  Where are the parents of these young girls?  In the photos, it’s not difficult to see that he looks off.  Judging people by the way they look is not wrong, it’s one of our greatest defenses as human beings.  And I’m not talking about skin color, I’m talking about looking someone in the eyes, the way they dress, type of haircut, how well they do in school, how many friends they have.  There are many signs if one looks for them. So another one of our daughters is killed by a male who should have been aborted in the womb and nothing will change; life will go on as if nothing happened.  Now that’s tragic!

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