Valedictorian Uses Speech For Religious Protest


Roy Costner IV, the 2013 Valedictorian from Liberty High School, in Pickens County, South Carolina, choose to recite the Lord’s Prayer, rather than discuss other, move relevant issues.  He’s in fact being deemed some sought of hero, making the rounds on the news show/talk show circuit.  Never mind that there’s separation of church and state in this country, the fact is, Roy Costner broke the rules of his own school and shouldn’t be hailed as a hero for it.  His reason, “I wanted to stand up for God,” he explained. “This is what God wanted me to do.”  That is what God wanted him to do?  That should concern anyone and everyone with an intelligent and thoughtful mind, religious or not. Yes, the United States is a country with many religious faithful, some might choose to call them fanatics but he wasted an opportunity to say something that truly might have been meaningful for his fellow classmates.  One might believe religion may get them in to heaven, but it certainly isn’t going to help them get a job. The United States Constitution clearly states, “Congress shall make no laws with regards to establishment of religion.”  Of all of the brilliant words in that document, this is perhaps the line least open to interpretation.  When a public school allows religious speech and prayer, it’s clearly allowing that one religion, to be the established religion, in clear violation of the Constitution.  There are those who would say the tiny town is so isolated that there are no other faiths but it makes no difference.  It’s a public school, government-funded.  The brilliant Framers of the US Constitution, feared tyranny by the majority.  It’s one of the main reasons they established the Electoral College.  The majority might not always be correct in choosing a President.  It was a check against the masses.  So despite what people may feel religiously, it has no place in this forum. Anyone and everyone can root for this young man, who is obviously intelligent enough to be Valedictorian but he is no hero.

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