Teacher In U.K. Who Downloaded Child Pornography Permitted To Resume Teaching


In what can only be deemed incomprehensible, a teacher in the U.K., who downloaded child pornography, has been permitted to return to the classroom because of his “excellent teaching ability”.  Geoffrey Bettley, 36, was given a police caution and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register after  admitting  viewing sickening images over several years.  Bettley initially visited a child pornography site in 2009 and viewed “six child abuse images” according to the Daily Mail.  By the time police confiscated his computer in December of 2012, he had downloaded “143 images – assessed to be on the lowest  ‘level one’ scale for seriousness. Another 46 more serious ‘level three’ images,  including scenes of child abuse, were on the computer but had not been  viewed.”  A senior official, acting on  behalf of  Education Secretary Michael Gove, rubber-stamped the decision, saying there was  a “need to be proportionate and to act in the public interest”.  Gove answered to criticism by stating, “I support the recommendation of the panel that a prohibition order should not be applied in this case.” So a known child pornographer is being allowed back in to the classroom to serve those, to whom he is most dangerous; allowing a wolf in the fold.  While I completely understand the mentality of those in the U.K. which is to be much more understated and low-key than those in the U.S. it’s troubling that parents aren’t knocking down the door of the Education Secretary demanding he be barred from ever being around children.  He has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register after all.  Regardless of what a panel may decide, anyone who views naked and pornographic photos of children is sick beyond help and therefore needs to not only be banned from teaching, but serving prison time.  Chris McGovern, chairman of the  Campaign for  Real Education, said: “Since this involved indecent images  of children it  should have been taken more seriously. Many parents would be very concerned to  know this person was teaching their children.”  Concerned?  It almost boggles the imagination.  He should be receiving a lethal injection, never mind concerned.  And herein lies the reason that while I love Europe, I often don’t understand her.  Rights of innocent victims, the most innocent among us, must always come before those accused and convicted of such heinous behavior.  There is simply no room for compromise.  Bettley clearly accepted his meager punishment and in return, has been rewarded with the resumption of his teaching career.  It’s simply unbelievable.

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