Egyptian Protests Against Morsi Continue To Grow

Tahir Square Protests

It is estimated that protests against President Morsi have grown into the millions, and are taking place throughout Egypt. Opposition to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have continued despite calls for calmer heads and negotiations. Presidential spokesman Ihab Fahmi called on all Egyptians to “unite and listen to the sound of wisdom”.  “Political diversity necessitates on all parties to abide by the democratic process,” he said.  At this point, there is almost no way Morsi will survive this overwhelming vote of no confidence unless real concessions are made. Even if the military was to side with Morsi, it would have to kill millions of Egyptians and that just isn’t going to happen.  This isn’t Syria.  Morsi may not step down but his political career is all but over and he will be watched closely.  Egyptians are making their voices heard, loudly and clearly.  This could be the one, true, Arab Spring.  Supporters of Morsi say that he was legitimately elected and should be able to finish out his Presidential term.  The opposition says that “more than 22 million people have signed a petition seeking a snap election,” and that should happen immediately. There are actually a couple of issues causing the unrest.  First, the economy under Morsi has not improved and has in fact been in decline in the year since he took office.  Egyptians are suffering.  Second and just as important, is the fear by liberal and secular Egyptians that if Islamists are able to hold on to power for an extended period of time, Egypt will become a radical, Islamist, autocratic state.  It would be no better than the country under Mubarak. Whatever happens, history is being made once again in Egypt.  It is important to note, Morsi was elected in June of 2012 in what was considered a free and fair election.

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