UK Prime Minister David Cameron Calls For Search Engines To Combat Child Pornography


Although it seems fairly obvious that the fight against child pornography should be front and center of any internet conversation, British Prime Minister is calling for tougher regulations on child pornography searches. Cameron has challenged Yahoo, Bing, Google and all other search engines, to block any and all images pertaining to child abuse. In a television interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Cameron called for search engines to block results for searches using blacklisted words.  His call for toughening searches is a result of two recent and high-profile child murders that showed the murderer’s accessed online child pornography.  In the interview, Cameron said, “I have a very clear message for Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest. You have a  duty to act on this, it is a moral duty.” He continued, “Let’s be fair to the companies, there are some good things that they’re doing – they’re making public wi-fi safer, that’s good; they’re flashing up warnings, some of them, when people are searching for things that are wrong,” he said. “But there is this problem, yes, that some people are putting simply appalling terms into the internet in order to find illegal images of child abuse – and remember every one of these pictures is a crime scene – and they’re getting results.”  I applaud Cameron for addressing this very serious issue but it truly amazes me that in a world where everyone is stands for something, few are vigilantly trying to protect the most vulnerable; our children.  In response to on line child pornography, this past June, Google donated $5 million to global child protection organizations to combat the  problem. “We have a zero  tolerance attitude to child sexual abuse imagery. Whenever we discover it, we  respond quickly to remove and report it,” a Google representative said.  Bing for its part said, said it would support education and deterrence  campaigns and that it was “working with the British government to determine the  best industry-wide approach to tackle illegal content.”  Yahoo has yet to comment.  The world needs to rally around this issue as it is one of the few that transcends all people regardless of race, religion, color, or gender. Only the sick individuals who view this content are against stronger measures.  As I recently stated in a posting, the one sure-fire way of curbing this demented behavior is with guaranteed tough, globally accepted punishments, cordoned out equally, to those who produce, distribute, or view, of any inappropriate images of children.

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