Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Deserve A “Third” Chance-Should Pull Out Of Race


Anthony Weiner is a shameful example of the current state of politics in the U.S.  He’s a disgraced former Congressman, who has come back from the dead less than two years after his resignation, seeking what is often referred to as the second toughest job in American politics. This scenario has become all too common joined by such names as Spitzer and Sanford.  What makes this scenario even worse however, is Weiner, even after his resignation and apology, continued to exercise poor judgment and behavior, which only recently, was brought to our attention in an embarrassing press conference. Does the Democratic Party have such a dearth of formidable candidates that he’s the best they have to offer for the New York City mayoral ticket?  Anthony Weiner is not a bad guy.  He was my Congressman when my kids where in grade school and I met him and spoke to him on many occasions.  However, he is a typical politician with a huge ego.  Mayor Bloomberg, also has a giant ego, (most billionaires do) however he maintains his high approval ratings because he’s not a typical politician.  He doesn’t need to be.  But there are several important points that need to be made.  If Anthony Weiner can take nude photos of himself and text them.  If he can send lewd text messages and lie about them.  If he can continue this behavior even after resigning and apologizing to his wife.  If he can exercise such poor judgment in his personal life, is there any reason to believe he wouldn’t exercise poor judgment in his political life?  Clearly, the answer is no.  All human beings have sexual needs, some stranger than others but we have a right to expect more from our politicians while in office, serving us.  We can’t allow that to be the basis of his character.  His wife, because of their child and vows may choose to forgive him.  That’s her business but it doesn’t mean we should.  I was embarrassed for her, standing in front of the press telling us how she has forgiven him as if her forgiveness should somehow convince us to do the same. Shame on him for convincing her to do that on his behalf.  It was pitiful actually and an act of cowardice, throwing his wife under the bus.  Anthony Weiner needs to pull out of the race. The sooner, the better.

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