Update: Long Island Hit And Run Suspect Janice Montalvo Pleads Not Guilty


Janice Montalvo, the woman accused of striking my brother Brad Packer with her car, killing him and leaving the scene, has pleaded not guilty.  Assistant District Attorney Patricia Brosco asked for and was granted a raise in her bail by Judge Fernando Camacho despite a plea from Montalvo’s attorney stating that she had health issues and was not receiving the medical care she required.  Her bail was raised to $200,000 cash $300,000 bond from $150,000 and $200,000. Clearly and thankfully, Judge Camacho wasn’t going to show her the compassion she failed to show my brother.  ADA Brosco hammered home the point by saying “She has a horrendous driving history, having 10 suspensions on nine different dates. This defendant knew she was not allowed to drive.”  Since 2011, she had several convictions including a hit-and-run with a car and driving without a license. Brosco continued, “Witnesses at the scene saw no braking, no change in her vehicle,” adding that “the car was traveling between 50 and 60 mph and kept going, leaving Bradford Packer on the roadway for dead.”  When Police arrived at the Montalvo residence, they found her taping up her bumper which was badly damaged in the impact with my brother.  When questioned, she said she had hit a dog before admitting the truth.  My sister, brother-in-law, niece and our two sons, attended the preceding.  Montalvo did not look at them and sobbed when Brosco compared her behavior to others who had tried to help my brother at the scene.  Following the hearing, my sister spoke to Channel 12 and told the reporter that, “It’s a shock.  He had so much more to give to the world and his life was cut short.”  While Montalvo’s incarceration won’t bring back our brother, and uncle, at least it prevents her from hurting or killing any other innocent victims as long as she’s in prison.  Hopefully a harsh punishment, should she receive the maximum of 7 years, will serve as a deterrent to others, from driving without a license and/or leaving the scene of an accident.

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