MLB Should Reinstate Hank Aaron As HR King


Major League Baseball is completely misguided in its attempt to show the world that it will not tolerate steroid use.  The persecution of Alex Rodriquez is too little, too late.  The cows long ago escaped from the barn. MLB should have been doing this when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were locked in a 1998 battle to become the new single season HR King.  McGwire won with 70 homeruns to Sosa’s 66, both beating Roger Maris’ records. Or it should have been suspending Barry Bonds even as he was hitting his way towards becoming the all time Home Run leader.  All of those records are tainted by steroids and should be stricken from the record books.  In the first seven years of his career, Barry Bonds never hit more than 34 homeruns.  Mark McGwire hit over 40 homeruns twice in his first ten seasons.  In 1977 George Foster hit 52 homeruns joining greats like Ralph Kiner and Mickey Mantle, who hit over 50 twice.  He never again hit more than 40, which he hit in 1978 followed by 30 in 1979.  But beginning in the late 80s and continuing thorough the early 2000’s there were so many players, some average players, hitting mammoth homeruns at a record pace.  MLB was clearly making a statement that it didn’t care about steroid drug use since it was giving the fans what they wanted, offense.  Pitching duels just weren’t exciting enough with Basketball, Football and Hockey challenging baseball as America’s favorite game.  Soccer was also on the rise adding one more challenge.  MLB should be apologizing to fans for allowing, no, for promoting all of these false, tainted records.  MLB should therefore reinstate Henry “Hank” Aaron as the one and only, legitimate Home run King.

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