U.S. Government Still Closed For Business


While the U.S. Government is still closed and all of the horrible things that can happen are supposedly happening, I suppose, I for one am feeling pretty good about things.  The best thing to come from this Federal Government shutdown is that it demonstrates that we don’t need big government in our lives.  Are people being affected by the shutdown, absolutely.  Are the vast majority of Americans feeling the shutdown, absolutely not.  The government bureaucracy has convinced us that we can’t do anything without it.  That we are helpless and the a shutdown will affect us all.  For lack of a better term, that’s Bullshit!.  Those of us who work 12 hour days and function without the help of our Federal Government understand how unimportant and intrusive it is in our lives.  I noticed that the ridiculous sum of money I pay in taxes and social security is still being collected. That hasn’t shut down.  Let me be perfectly clear.  The people who favor Big Government are the ones who contribute least and take the most.  Again,  THE PEOPLE WHO FAVOR BIG GOVERNMENT CONTRIBUTE LEAST AND TAKE THE MOST!!

While I am perfectly aware that we are no longer living in colonial times, many things still apply. or should still apply.  The government of these United States was established for Three Primary Reasons. 1) Freedom to practice whatever religion you choose. 2) Free trade-to establish laws and rules that make it fair and possible for citizens to earn a living.  3) Common Defense – to defend these borders against enemies foreign and domestic that would make it make it impossible to achieve 1 & 2.  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, not the guarantee of happiness.  No one can deny that Social Security turned out to be a good thing because the average American, as it turns out isn’t intelligent or responsible enough to invest their own money so Big Brother does it for us. We have no choice but to pay Social security, FICA taxes.

The individual States should have more of the power to govern and the Federal Government, less.  Each state is very different Vermont has very different needs than Mississippi.  Now, while the Federal Government is closed, is the time for the States to take back the governmental powers stolen from them.  States can and do, do a better job of governing than the Federal Government.  Hopefully everyone’s eyes are opening to that. There is a historic opportunity here but no one will do anything about it because they have been lulled in to believing that the Patriarchical Federal Government is supposed to take care of them.

In closing, let the government stay closed for business.  I for one feel better knowing that those losers we elect to Congress are no longer on the job.  The United States of America, with or without our Federal Lawmakers will continue on and will be prosperous.  Of course, there should be no pay for them or raises.  But that won’t happen either because they vote for their pay.  Once these clowns return, it will be business, or rather non-business, as usual.

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