The Real Meaning Behind The Government Shutdown


Whether you read the paper, surf the web or watch cable television, you can’t help but see dozens of stories on the U.S. Government closure and the reasons for it.  About the only thing you don’t hear, although it’s touched upon, is the actual reason for everything currently taking place.  A large number of tea party/conservative republicans still have not come to terms with a man of color living in the White House.  It’s that simple and cannot be disputed despite the fact the Republican caucus would point to names like Rubio and Cruz to deny those allegations.  However, both are nothing more than poster children, pawns if you please, in a list ditch attempt for the white man to hold on to his power. These people see “their” America changing and the more it changes, the worse the gridlock will become.

Unfortunately for these unenlightened groups, what they don’t realize is that you can’t lose what you never really had.   And I’m not talking about the white picket fence, the tricycle in the front yard and apple pie on independence day.  I’m speaking of any real power, clout in the decision-making of this country.  That has always been reserved for the power brokers or the “boys club” if you may.  These same people view the demise of “life as they knew it” as the fault of immigrants, minorities, gay marriage and abortion, damaging their way of life despite the fact no logical case come be made to support that claim.  Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, somehow falls under that heading.  There are a host of good and logical reasons for not supporting Obamacare but the fact it’s President Obama’s crowning achievement, is not one of them.

As one travels through this vast country you realize how many towns and cities attempt to be similar to what they were in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  They are homogeneous communities with few people of different faiths or colors.  They are small cities with churches that seat thousands, and are always filled on Sunday morning.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  That is not my point.  But they are filled with like-minded individuals intent on keeping the status quo.  Abortion, gay marriage and other religions for that matter, are as foreign to them as aliens from Mars.  They are not necessarily bad people but closed-minded and limited by their upbringing and their environments.  That’s the foundation of the neo-conservative movement, the ultra-conservatives.  They would rather see nothing happen in Congress than any real change.  At a time when life is changing too quickly, a stalemate is a win. So this shutdown is a win and there is no thought given to defaulting because they don’t even comprehend what that means.

In closing, let me be very clear, I have no issue with closure of the government or the sequester if the real reason is to get our financial house in order.  But I do take issue with the reasons some of the anti-Obama, racist conservatives are using to close down the government.  Lies wrapped in racism.  Finally and most importantly, it’s a sad commentary that there will eventually be no moderate conservatives left in a few short years.  The conservative movement will collapse under the weight of these goons leaving no place for true fiscal conservatives to run.  We will then look like Europe and that will be a sad day in our history.

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