People Learning The Truth About The Affordable Care Act


Of all the claims and misinformation the Obama administration fed to the American People, there was one lie that topped all the others.  And it’s not the one that says, “if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it.”  That was a huge lie, one that President doesn’t have the luxury of making although he seems to have gotten away with it.  But it’s actually even larger than that and is found in the very name of the healthcare bill; The AFFORDABLE Care Act.  Unfortunately for most of the gullible Americans who bought in to this lie, they are quickly discovering this to be completely untrue.

The only truth in the name in fact, is that it was an Act; all act actually.  The purpose of the Affordable Care Act was not to help the vast majority of those already insured but to force those who are uninsured to join the ranks of the insured, resting the cost squarely on the backs of the taxpayers.  But even that’s not the true reason for the way this health care legislation was rammed down our throats which I will soon discuss.  There is no question that those in the Obama administration knew that costs for millions of Americans would spiral upwards and out of control; that healthcare would in essence become unaffordable.  There are millions of Americans who don’t qualify for subsidies and will therefore suffer great hardships due to the high cost of the health exchanges.  They are far more expensive than what preceded them.  For these Americans, the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IS UNAFFORDABLE.  More citizens are being hurt by this Act than helped and that should be the true determination of its success.  You don’t need to be an actuary or have an MBA in accounting to have realized the ramifications of this legislation.

The Real Truth: The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, was nothing more than a front for and a pathway to, a Single Payer System.  To some, this might not seem like a bad thing but to those of us who believe in the Framers and foundation of this country, it’s tragic.  More government intervention in our lives can never be a good thing.  Government involvement in our lives should be limited to defense, trade and legal issues, not in running our lives.  The Affordable Care Act will collapse under its own weight and the only alternative will be Single Payer.  Yes everyone is insured under this system but it too has many problems and in no way controls costs.  When it needs resources, it simply takes the money from people in the form of taxes.  Everyone will have to participate in this system in the form of much higher taxes, which is why there are penalties for not buying insurance as part of Obamacare.  Theoretically, in the new world, everyone will have healthcare insurance but at what cost?

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