U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon Invites Iran To Take Part In Syrian Peace Talks.

Ban Ki-moon

As if the United States required any more proof as to how feckless and dysfunctional the United Nations is, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has invited Iran to take part in Syrian peace talks scheduled to take place in Switzerland.  The terror sponsoring, autocratic regime was invited to participate after Tehran said it would be willing to accept a transitional government away from Syrian President Bashar.  Iran had previously said that it would not accept any pre-conditions but according to Ki-moon, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had concurred “that the goal of the negotiations is to establish, by mutual consent, a transitional governing body with full executive powers.”  The U.S. State Department issued a statement declaring that it remained “deeply concerned about Iran’s contributions to the Assad regime’s brutal campaign against its own people.”  Basically, and correctly, the U.S doesn’t trust or believe Iran’s motives.

Inviting Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif is akin to inviting Hitler to participate in peace talks with Mussolini.  It’s absolutely insane.  Iran has clearly funded and supported the Syrian government which has gassed its own people.  Iran backs Hezbollah, which is labeled a terrorist organization and Iran is clearly a terrorist state, funding state sponsored terrorism.  Including it in the peace talks affords that state a legitimacy it does not deserve and clearly has not earned.  But the U.N. is a crazy, silly organization that should be disbanded.  It costs the United States too much money and accomplishes nothing.  While this will probably never happen since there is nothing better to replace it, the U.N. should never be trusted to accomplish anything of importance.  It simply exists to provide a forum for evil, despotic regimes to air their anti-U.S. rhetoric.  And that alone is not enough of a reason for the U.S. to keep paying for a majority of the costs of this worthless and misguided organization.

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