The Cove At Atlantis Paradise Island Part 1

Cove Beach

We arrived at the Cove on Paradise Island one week ago.  Upon driving over the bridge in Nassau and on to Paradise Island, it is not difficult to understand what people love about the Atlantis.  First, like all Caribbean Islands, it is quite beautiful.  Second, everywhere you look there are water rides and attractions, great for families.  The top water park attraction is the Mayan Temple slide which runs through the shark tank and into the pool below.  It’s quite impressive.  Fish are everywhere.  The Atlantis is not just a resort but an aquarium where they breed and save endangered species.

When we finally arrived at the Cove check-in, I was already impressed.  The grounds are immaculate.  Check-in was simple and the person who checked us in was very polite.  We were guided towards the elevators while the bellman explained that the Cove was private and therefore we must always have our key or bracelet available when asked.  Although not realizing it, if you stay at any of the other properties, i.e. the Royal, you do not have access to the Cove.  If on a vacation without children, that’s a great peace of news(piece was intentionally misspelled).  In addition, there is an adults only (18 and older) private pool although one could debate whether an 18-year-old really qualifies as an adult.

The adult only area is a great spot for young adults to meet and have fun but it’s not just for young adults.  Adults of all ages will be more than content, unless you’re offended by loud music.  The drink of choice is the Bahama Mama or the local beer, Kalik.  The music keeps things lively and there is food and beverage service.  If you like to gamble, there are outdoor tables, including blackjack and craps.  Usually gamblers are reclusive, loners, choosing to stay indoors despite the beautiful sunshine soaked skies and 75F(23C) temperatures.  Here, one can enjoy the beautiful day and enjoy losing money simultaneously.

The Cove Beach is a peaceful spot although the lounge chairs do tend to be too close together prompting me to drag my chairs away from the crowd.  The sand is white and the ocean is blue-green, just like the Crayola Crayon.  If you prefer to sit on the beach it’s not difficult to get away by walking down the beach and dropping a towel.  Although I was able to swim the first day we arrived, the water was not warm.  It was refreshing.  Unfortunately, due to shark sightings, the beach has been closed for several days.  I had been told to expect topless sunbathing but Americans, Canadians and Europeans all kept covered.  Perhaps it had to do with the large number of children playing on the beach.  I appreciated the modesty because more often than not, those most quickly prepared to shed their garments are people you really don’t want to have to stare through, to see the ocean.  Beaches in the Caribbean are all beautiful and clean and The Cove is certainly no exception.

In the next post, I will discuss the accommodations.

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