It’s Time For Car Makers To Build A Concept Car We Can Purchase!

lexus es 300

It’s time for carmakers to end the notion of “Concept Cars” once and for all.  These conceptual cars have been built and shown at car shows for decades and yet never does one become available for purchase to the public.  Shouldn’t a concept car from 1995 be available twenty years later in 2014.  For example, take the 1995 Lexus ES concept Car pictured here.  How cool does that look?  Twenty years later has Lexus even come close to building such a beautiful car?  It’s obviously a rhetorical question so no need to answer it.   But the Lexus of 2014 is still a box, albeit rounded off but not very inspired.  I pick on Lexus but it can be said of most of the car companies except Cadillac.  Whether you like the styling or not, the Cadillac does differentiate itself from all of its competitors.  The new electric ELR is just cool.  It looks futuristic and it is the very definition of the concept car brought to life.  It’s an Electric Vehicle with extended range and is tech savvy.  Yes it is very expensive at $75,000 and is therefore not available to most people but it is certainly not a Super-Car, out of reach, like a Ferrari. So kudos to Cadillac.  The rest of the car manufacturers are pretenders.  The Toyota Camry is so boring it puts you to sleep when you look at it.  The same can be said for all of the Lincolns.

Cadillac ELRSo listen up car manufacturers, start building the concept cars that you show at all of the auto shows, or stop building and showing them altogether.  No one wants to look at cars they can’t have.  Enough is enough.  Build and sell them exactly as shown or leave them home.

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