Why Mark Zuckerberg Is No Steve Jobs Or Bill Gates

oculus facebook

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all have in common?  Answer: All billionaires and all built huge financial empires using technology.  But one of these men is clearly different from the other two.  What is that difference? Answer: One of these men, Mark Zuckerberg, is not a genius.  This is why Facebook will ultimately fail.  With the purchase of Oculus, another foolish 2 billion dollar gamble.  Zuckerberg is leveraging his company and relying on other companies to help make him successful and keep Facebook relevant..  But the success of What’s App and Oculus is still very much in question.  Will wearing a big, silly mask for lack of a better explanation really capture the world’s attention?  I for one don’t believe it will.  It’s similar to the explanation as to why 3-D televisions haven’t taken off even as the prices come down.  Who wants to watch TV with those silly glasses on your face?  It’s also the reason that necessitated the end of the 3-D glasses for 3-D televisions.  Sans glasses, 3-D televisions might fare better.

The point is that Mark Zuckerberg is not a financial genius nor does he display any brilliant, technological skills.  Nor he is a visionary.  He simply makes decisions because he can, without any expertise or business acumen.  There’s an old saying that states, “I’d rather be lucky than good”.  Well, Mark Zuckerberg has been far more lucky than good. In fact, Zuckerberg more closely resembles the Power Ball Jackpot winner than he does Jobs or Gates.  If he’s wise he has invested wisely or simply put a lot of his money under his mattress.  He’s in the process of making some very tough gambles and risking the future of Facebook by attempting to support Facebook by complimenting it with huge investments that have yet to be proven.  If these gambles pay off, he will in fact look like a genius.  However, if they don’t, he will go down in the annals history as the luckiest man who ever made a billion dollars.

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