Republicans Need To Choose Better Friends


In yet another example of why the Republican Party is the party of foolish old men, several Republicans wholeheartedly supported Rancher Cliven Bundy until he revealed himself.  Should not men who are our leaders do a better job of checking into who they support before issuing that support?  As it turns out, Bundy is a rabid racist with absolutely no idea of what he’s saying.  He’s a throwback to another time, a worse time, when men thought it ok to own human beings so they could earn a living.  Worse is the fact these old white, racist, men believe(d) that blacks are less intelligent and less civilized causing them to make statements like, “I’m wondering are they happier now under this government subsidy system than they were they were slaves and they were able to have a family structure together and the chickens and a garden and the people have something to do.”  It’s insulting.  Of course the reason they believe this is because they are the unintelligent ones.  It’s beyond sickening and any Congress person who supported this law-breaker and his misguided cause, should resign.  No one could be that stupid.  I’m sorry, obviously some people are that stupid and they work in Congress.

Bundy and his supporters who were armed, turned back an attempt by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to seize his family’s cattle over his failure to pay $1.1 million in grazing fees and penalties for their use of government land over the past 20 years.  Those supporting Bundy called it a land grab and big government run amok.  The only problem is that the government has the right to levy taxes on government land and he doesn’t have the legal right to question it.  Local law enforcement should move in and execute justice.  The outcome in Waco was the correct one and this should be no different.  It’s the only way the government maintains its legitimacy.  How many of us would volunteer to pay an income or sales tax if given the choice?  Obey the law, be arrested or fight to the death.  Your call Bundy.  What was it that Oprah said on English television, ‘the old white men just need to die.”  Perhaps she was correct afterall.

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