Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death By Family In “Honor” Killing


A Pakistani woman was stoned to death outside a Pakistani courthouse because she married a man she loved.  The woman, who was three months pregnant, was supposed to marry her cousin but defied her family.  Police say she died at the foot of the courthouse after being pelted with sticks and bricks.  Her father, who participated in the “honor” murder, surrendered to police.  Her brothers and former fiancée, who also took part in the attack, were still at large.

Pakistan, despite possessing nuclear weapons, (something the United States should have prevented), is a third world country filled with backwards people, who are no more evolved than the amoeba.  The intelligent ones, of which there are many, emigrate to countries such as England and the US. There is nothing good about Pakistan and no one can defend it.  The hatred of women is clear and massive penalties should be imposed against that country and its corrupt government by the rest of the world, until women are given value and respect.  The fact that a father could murder his own daughter in an “honor killing” demonstrates just how much women are reviled.  It must be stated that since the men lack any kind of self-esteem, and for good reason, they impose their will on women because it gives them a false perception of power.  The truth is the truth.  While I expect nothing to come of this brutal, savage murder, the world needs to be heard if anything is to ever change. We impose sanctions on Cuba but allow Pakistani citizens, and the complicit Pakistani government, to commit gross violations of international law.

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