Third World India Experiences Two More Horrific Gang Rapes And Murders


Although India possesses Nuclear weapons, she remains a third world country for more than a couple of reasons.  First, her horrendous record on women’s rights clearly demonstrates how backwards she is. It is the mark of any third world country that allows for such discrimination and hatred of any group of people, particularly the group that is the stability of any civilized nation.  Women, as the givers of life, appreciate life far more than their male counterparts who are all too willing to sacrifice their sons and daughters, often in causes that are unjustified.  In the case of India, they are sacrificing their woman to thugs intent on violence against women.  Second, the fact that these young girls were attacked because they had to go out to a field to relieve themselves because of a lack of indoor plumbing is incomprehensible.

In this latest atrocity, two girls, ages 14 and 15 were raped by multiple attackers and hanged from a tree.  When the girls went missing and the father of one of the girls asked for help, he was mocked because they were from a lower Caste.  The victims’ families say it took police more than 12 hours to respond to reports they were missing.  One of the girl’s fathers said that when policemen found out he was from a lower caste, they “refused to look for my girl”.  Just a few words on Castes.  They are absolutely Stupid and Unnecessary in 2014 and should be abolished if India is to ever join the world of civilized nations.  No one should respect the Caste system in an effort not to be judgmental.  Wrong is wrong.  It matters not the sensitivity of the issue.  If ever there is a need for government intervention, the Caste system demands that the government get involved and outlaw Castes.  If slavery in the US could be abolished and apartheid in South Africa could be abolished, so can the Caste system.  But of course, the government needs to believe in its abolishment and many in the government are from upper class Castes.  One big, corrupt make-believe Democracy.

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