Iraqi Crisis: President Obama Again Demonstrates Ineffective Leadership


President Obama is a very intelligent man so it’s difficult to understand why he is so ineffective when it comes to foreign policy.  What is happening in Iraq with ISIS is absolutely unacceptable.  Mosul is now under its control and it’s moving steadily south towards Bagdad.  It’s being reported that Sharia Law has already been implemented in Mosul and there is little resistance at this time.  ISIS has weapons, money and momentum on its side and if nothing is done, Iraq will fall in to its hands.  It’s not that we should be looking for a fight but right or wrong, we lost young men and women in Iraq and to allow the country to fall to worse extremists than Saddam Hussein is a travesty and terrible way to honor their memory.

We should not put troops on the ground but we don’t need to.  This group of terrorists are organized and not hiding.  In other words this is not a terrorist war where we can’t find the enemy.  A limited bombing campaign would be highly effective in slowing or reversing the ISIS momentum.  It would at the very least, give the Iraqi army a fighting chance.

If President Obama does nothing and based on his record we should not expect much, the consequences will lie completely at the steps of His White House.  Again, regardless of whether or not we should have invaded Iraq in the first place is a moot point.  The important question now, is where do we proceed from here.  But if the President does nothing, one need not be a military strategist to comprehend that it will come back to haunt us.


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