Latest Victim Of India Rape Epidemic Is 6-Year-Old Girl


Just when you thought the situation regarding sex crimes in India couldn’t get worse comes the report of the rape of a 6-year-old girl at a prestigious grade school.  In this latest case, two men, (and I use the term loosely), a security guard and a gym teacher, raped the little girl while in school.  No other details have been released as the investigation is ongoing.

If there is anything positive to report from India, it’s a) the serious epidemic of rape is at last being recognized and b)laws and the punishment for rape have become far more serious.  Parents of the children at the school are protesting and demanding answers.  Although no arrests have yet been made due to the potential number possible suspects, there is little doubt that this case is commanding the attention of law enforcement as Indians appear to be fed up with the continuing insanity. School chairman Rustom Kerawala offered his “sincere apologies” at a meeting with parents and promised “full co-operation” with the police investigation.  For his part, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised a “zero tolerance” policy on crimes against women.

Hopefully, this latest, unimaginable atrocity will at last force the Indian government to take action.  As I have written previously, without equal protection under the law for all of India’s citizens, India will never join the list of first world nations despite possessing nuclear weapons.  These ingrained attitudes must cease.  The only way to do this is to severely punish those who rape and murder girls and women.  India’s soul is at stake.

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