Conflict With Hamas Excuse For Increase In Anti-Semitism

Anti Semitism

It’s time for the world to admit once and for all that it does not like Jews. Whether it’s because of the ridiculous reason that Jews killed Jesus or the belief that all they care about is money, people around the world, Jew haters, are constantly looking for an excuse to end their existence.  The conflict with Hamas is simply the latest excuse.  If the world worked harder on trying to better its own existence, people wouldn’t as Hitler did, constantly be looking for a scapegoat.  People need to stop blaming others for their misfortunes.

Jews are who they are because of their religion.  Judaism is about learning, knowledge, enlightenment.  It does not focus on a central religious figure, only God.  Moses was nothing more than a prophet, a man.  Continually the Torah points to the frailty of men and their imperfections.  Moses, Noah, Jonah, Cane, all were imperfect, some more imperfect than others.  But God tells the Jews that the world that he created is incredible, despite being thrown out of Eden.  That’s why the 10 Commandments were given to Moses.  Commandments, if abided by, ensure that people live a good and decent life.  In addition, there are the 613 Mitzvot, (laws or rather commandments that every Jew is supposed to live by). These are laws that govern Jews in every aspect of their lives from love, marriage and divorce to business practices, sexual relations and dietary laws.

But ultimately what differentiates Jews from every other religious group and faction on earth, is that what makes them human, is incorporated into their daily lives.  For example, sex, with your wife or partner is blessed.  It is not something to be ashamed of.  Sex is not only for procreation but that the bond and pleasure of sex in a loving relationship is healthy.  Very different from the fringe lunatics who circumcise their women.  Drinking wine is incorporated in to all Jewish ceremonies.  Money and possessions are part of what makes life enjoyable for the short time they occupy this earth.  In other words, Jews are allowed to enjoy all that God has created and they take full advantage of that.

The world, rather than look at Jews as scapegoats and pariahs, should look to emulate them.  Jews are education minded.  Most understand that a University education is an expectation, not a choice.  Everyone should have the same opportunity but not everyone is born into families that value all the things that make Jews successful, despite being the smallest minority of people on the planet.  Israeli scientists have created much of the technology that most people now take for granted.  Many of the greatest minds including Einstein, were Jewish.  Jews are very involved in media, including Hollywood but that is no coincidence. Oppressed people need a forum.  It reminds me of the story of a Jewish family, a family with a young son, in the United States of America who weren’t welcome in a hotel in 1950’s New England because it was restricted to Jews.  Three decades later, he bought the hotel.  No one need apologize for being successful and driven.  It’s a good thing.

The world needs to change.  Making babies that can’t be cared for is unacceptable.  I wrote a paper 30 years ago titled, Underdevelopment as a Result of Overpopulation.  In the 30 years since, nothing has improved.  Hunger, drought, starvation, are still as prevalent as ever.  If people in dire situations stopped having children, they might be able to focus first, on lifting themselves from poverty, thereby bettering the situation of children not yet born.  The best way to become successful is to emulate people who are successful.  Therefore, instead of hating Jews and focussing on their demise, the world should look to them for guidance.  Success breeds success, a formula untried since the first  anti-Semite attempted to prove that Jews are the cause of all of the problems in the world.

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