President Obama: Failure And More Failure


In 2008, with all of the excitement surrounding the election of the first black U.S. President, no one considered the idea that he simply might not be ready.  Ideals are one thing but realities and actions are another.  His resume going in was thin at best and his Presidency has proven to be a series of errors and miscalculations due to his inexperience.  People can criticize George Bush but one thing the man had was direction, a goal.  He knew and believed in ideals and attempted to carry out that mission.  One may not have agreed with that but at least he led with conviction as a U.S. President’s should.  Agree or disagree with policies.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the world is in such turmoil but I disagree.  The U.S. President must help set the world’s agenda.  He can’t sit around waiting for the next disaster, putting out fires.  President Obama doesn’t and hasn’t lead.  His concept of the U.S. role in the world is flawed!  This President must be held accountable for his missteps, inaction, and incorrect action.  He is always two or three steps behind.  Speaking about strategy on television is foolish and his advisors should be telling him that.  Did this Commander and Chief, (using the term lightly), actually believe that Iraq wouldn’t fall almost immediately after withdrawing our troops?  Did not every Republican tell him that pulling out of Iraq was a mistake.  Once we had gone in and sacrificed our young men and women, the bravest of all soldiers in the world, we owed it to them to stay until the mission was complete.  Until we could walk away with the understanding that Iraq would be able to carry on without further intervention.  Everyone knew that except for the one who counts most, our President.  Isis is his failure and his failure alone.  Benghazi, Syria, the IRS scandal and Guantanamo Bay remains open 7-years after his promise to close it, if elected.  And lastly, his attempt to lead by executive order.  Even his own party is now turning on him.  His administration has been one failure after the next and now his one success, the economy, seems to be faltering.

Take this most recent Ebola outbreak.  The President, as recently as two weeks ago said there was nothing to worry about.  Now it appears there may be much to worry about.  One not be an expert on disease control to make the decision to cease all flights coming into the U.S. from West Africa.  Maybe it wouldn’t help as he and administration have claimed but it couldn’t hurt either.  Perhaps it’s his huge ego and the fact that he, more than any other President believes more in his abilities than the experts he brought on to advise him.  Or perhaps he just brought in the wrong people.  Case in point Julia A. Pierson.  Either way, he owns whatever course this Ebola outbreak takes.

Early on in his administration I believed wholeheartedly that the reason he was so disliked by so many, centered around racism.  In fact there is no question that was the case.  But now he has had 6-years to prove himself and eliminate the detractors and he has not done that.  To the contrary, His Presidency, other than perhaps the Affordable Care Act and the jury is still out on that, has been an unmitigated failure.  If nothing improves over the next 2-years he may in fact go down in history not just for being the first black President but the worst President in the 238-year history of this Republic.


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