President Obama’s Decision To Establish Relations With Cuba Is Correct


President Obama’s decision to establish formal relations with Cuba is unquestionably controversial.  Those who remember the days prior to the revolution have very different opinions than those who were born in the 80’s and 90’s.  Their experiences are obviously very different.  Those who are incensed by this decision have a right to their opinions and they should be respected.

However, I find myself in agreement with President Obama once again.  The 50-year-old embargo has had little to no effect on either Castro government and the people of Cuba have proven to be tough, resilient, sturdy people even in the face of great hardships and adversity.  They live under dictatorial rule and their daily lives are difficult, at best.  The Castro brothers are living in the past, in a delusional world that no longer exists.  COMMUNISM IS DEAD!!  It has proven to be a failure in every way imaginable.

It doesn’t promote creativity and economic growth because each according to his ability and each according to his need means that the stronger or more capable are expected to work harder than those less capable without reaping any greater rewards.  It assumes that human beings will do whatever is best for the overall good of the nation which is nonsense.  People require incentive, a reason to strive and Communism fails miserably in that regard.  Even animals can’t be trained without rewards.

In addition, Communism and Democracy have proven to be elusive partners.  In theory, a government could be democratic and follow the precepts of Communism but to date their have been no such examples.  Wherever Communism exists, i.e. Cuba, North Korea, the former Soviet Union, and China, so too does an Autocracy.

Cuba, is just another example of failed Communism with a brutal dictator at the helm.  Russia and China have both recognized that controlled Capitalism is the most successful form of economic system.  China would not be where it is today if it hadn’t adopted a system where people can build personal wealth and be rewarded for hard work.  And that is the reason why establishing diplomatic relations at this time makes sense.

Cuba, because of its proximity to the United States, (90 miles/150km) off the coast of Florida, will modernize and become economically sufficient with the help of the U.S.  The U.S. will make it possible for new homes, offices and resorts to be built.  Both U.S and Cuban companies, along with Cuban citizens will benefit.  The automobile fleet will be modernized.  U.S. tourists will bring millions of dollars to the island which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.  The Castro’s or any other dictator, will not be able to halt that growth once it begins.

To those incapable of thinking outside the box, the U.S. killed hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and we suffered over 50,000 deaths and yet relations between our two nations grows stronger every year.  The U.S lost hundreds of thousands of lives in the Pacific campaign and we dropped the only 2 atomic bombs ever used in battle and relations between Japan and the U.S. could not be stronger.  Times change as do people and now is the time to end the embargo and establish relations with our neighbor to the south.  There can be no more excuses such as human rights abuses.  Otherwise we need to cut ties with Saudi Arabia, China and most of the African nations.  Let’s end the cycle of hypocrisy once and for all.

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