Paris Massacre Makes Clear Case For Less Restrictive US Gun Ownership Laws


The Massacre in Paris at the hands of Muslim terrorists clearly demonstrates why the United States must never restrict gun ownership from her citizens.  When the video of the aftermath of the attack was made available, it was clear that although whoever shot the video was captivated by was what unfolding he/she was caught in the middle of a firefight, with no way to defend him or herself.  That’s because no one in Paris owns firearms, except for the bad guys of course.  The police officer who was executed could potentially have been saved if at least one of the people on that roof had a weapon and the ability to defend himself.  Everyone in the street and everyone in those apartments were like sheep waiting for the slaughter.  Since there was hardly a response, at least early on, these now dead cowards, could have easily shot their way into any of the buildings and began executing people.

Although there will always be the lunatics who inflict their evil on innocents, most Americans are law-abiding, decent people.  As I have said many times before, when you restrict gun ownership to the citizenry, the only ones who will have access to weapons are the same people who carried our this massacre and that’s unacceptable. But gun ownership rights is not the whole issue, knowing how to use them and safely handle them, is the real key to gun ownership.  You can never be too well-trained.  Even the experienced have accidents as we have seen too many times in the recent past.

Guns are not scary or evil to those familiar with their use and who handle them regularly.  Perhaps that’s why stupid accidents occur at times, because people become too comfortable with them.  When firing at a range, in any part of the United States, you learn and understand that the people there aren’t strange or crazy.  They are usually family people out to enjoy an activity that only the inexperienced and most people from our largest cities, would consider to be crazy.  For many, skeet shooting, target shooting or hunting, is how they unwind.  Honing their skills is no different than improving any other skill like golfing.  There is no difference.  The more you practice the more you improve.  Some people like rock, some people like rap.  To each his own.  Those people who are fearful of weapons shouldn’t own them but also shouldn’t attempt to stop others from owning them.  After all, it is a Constitutionally protected right despite what some may say about the Second Amendment being outdated or interpreted incorrectly.  Many people throughout this country take comfort in knowing that should anyone break into their homes for example, they can protect themselves and their families.

The world is not becoming safer but more dangerous.  While there have been a number of school shootings and other unfortunate and sad occurrences, in this country, where the perpetrator(s) used guns, that is not enough of a reason to remove the weapons from those who are law-abiding and who respect and use guns within the confines of the law.  There are over 300 million people in this country.  Taking that in to consideration, there are relatively few incidents.  But future incidents may indeed be born from domestic terror.  I for one will feel safer knowing that my neighbors and I can protect ourselves from two or three gunmen who decide to wreak havoc on this nation.  Law enforcement across the country can not be expected to be everywhere, all the time and that is where we, as citizens, must bear responsibility for ourselves, our families, our friends and our fellow country men and women.  Let’s not be Europe, helpless against terrorists anytime they decide to strike.  The marches are wonderful and demonstrate people’s decency but that won’t stop those who are hell-bent on perpetrating evil.  Je Suis American!!

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