Britt McHenry Has Apologized; Let’s Move On

Britt McHenry Let’s get the obvious part of this story out-of-the-way.  Britt McHenry did a stupid thing.  She should not have berated a woman who clearly is not guilty of anything other than doing her job.  Ms. McHenry should have known better and should have been more sympathetic.  Despite not knowing anything about her, it’s obvious that this woman does not look like her or have a position on TV that pays as well as the compensation that McHenry receives.  They are certainly both human beings but clearly, the two women have very different lives and she should have been sensitive to that. Done! Now let’s be fair.  Who among us has not gone off on someone at motor vehicles or in the post office?  We are all human beings and despite the fact people believe someone in the public eye who is beautiful and makes a lot of money should be a pillar of the community, the expectation is ridiculous.  She should not have been fired and all of the brutal tweets and negative press stems from people’s own dissatisfaction with their own lives. It’s almost unbelievable that people have nothing better to do than watch for stories on line that anger them so they can berate and abuse people.  It’s no different than what she did.   It’s sad actually.  News flash; until we are taken over by despotic dictators, even speech we deem mean or cruel is Constitutionally protected. She simply experienced a momentary lack of judgement and she’s paying for it.  People have been merciless.  That to me is far more scary than her vitriolic outburst.  If you don’t like her, don’t watch her.  She has apologized and explained her side which is what she should have done.  I believe someone once said, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”.  Apparently there are many sinless people walking amongst us, although you’d never know it.

4 thoughts on “Britt McHenry Has Apologized; Let’s Move On

  1. It was her deliberate and intentional cruelty that people are responding to. She was very much in control of herself and her arrogant references to trailer parks, weight, lack of an education, and missing teeth offended many. It really was verbal abuse that should not be tolerated anywhere at any time by any one. Its a small percentage of people who are deliberately cruel but those people cause such damage and pain for so many and the devastating impact is often long term. The good that has come out of this is that its generating a conversation about bullying and cruelty to others.

  2. Well said. I was thinking exactly this. People are so quick to publicly shame another human being for doing what they believe to be morally wrong, and it’s really hypocritical. I think Britt McHenry came across as rude, petulant and ugly in the video, acting all superior and arrogant, dehumanizing the towing attendant like that. Do I think her life should be ruined for this? No. She’s a human being. She makes mistakes. It’s not like she committed first-degree murder. She should definitely learn to control her emotions better and develop her perspective to realize that just because she’s on TV doesn’t mean she is any better than that attendant, and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s entitled to berate someone like that. There’s something called the “Fundamental Attribution Error” in social psychology. All these people on the internet are using it by choosing to define this woman as what was likely one of her ugliest moments in her life. I also saw it was trending on Facebook how Michael Buble was “body-shaming.” I don’t listen to him, but when I saw it, I assumed that it was likely a simple error of judgement on his part. As you said, people are so blind to their own sin and believe that by projecting it onto others and shaming them, they are proving themselves capable of being just as ugly as Britt McHenry was in that video. This shaming thing is an epidemic. People think that just because someone is famous means they should be perfect and never show an ugly side of themselves, which is bullshit. Customers are often very pushy and arrogant and come across as bullies in the way they treat employees, especially in retail. My sister is twenty years old, and she’s gotten women who come into the shoe department with their kids and make comments like, “See, kids? This is what happens if you don’t go to college.” Do any of these people receive the same amount of shaming? No. They go unnoticed, and some of them are probably the same ones who go on to define Michael Buble as a sexist pig and Britt McHenry as an evil c-word bully. I am not condoning Britt McHenry’s behavior at all, but what is really wrong is the barbaric manner in which we shame people in the public eye. We as a society have gotten so far away from that teaching that you included in this article. I actually got here by searching the words: “Britt McHenry He who is without sin.” You don’t solve a problem like shaming with more shaming. You solve it with forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Britt McHenry shames an employee at a towing service? Let that not be an opportunity to criticize someone for treating somebody poorly but a lesson to you to be more conscious of how you yourself treat other people. Anyway, I’m glad to see someone has their heart in the right place.

    • Joey, Very well said. Thank you. Two wrongs never make a right. Hopefully Britt McHenry learned something from this as di Reese Witherspoon when she did something similar. What’s most sad is how angry the world has become. And it makes no difference where one lives or their socio-economic circumstance, anger, deep seeded anger, is prevalent today. Acts of kindness and turning the other cheek often diffuse situations that escalate for absolutely no reason. People just need to start being more sympathetic and empathetic towards each other and the world would eventually be a kinder, gentler place.

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